We have 11 hectares of vineyard and produce Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.



Merlot is a fantastic variety for the Pemberton region as it has loose bunches, small tough berries and a healthy canopy. Our merlot has low yields and is bunch thinned and leaf plucked at veraison. This area of vineyard is being reworked to introduce some addition clones to continually improve the wine.



This variety consistently performs well on the deep gravels. It produces rich and intense wines and vines are ageing well. 


Sauvignon Blanc

The new block is situated opposite the Eastbrook Rd turn off. A vigorous variety that requires leaf plucking to ventilate the canopy and produce clean fruit.



This area of vineyard is a cool, south slopping site with deep gravel over rich red clay and iron stone. A magnificent block comprised of Dijon clones 76, 95, 96 and 277, it has a propensity for small bunches causing low to moderate yields and intense flavours.



The first area of the vineyard was planted following advice from Bill and Dan Pannell from Picardy. They ensured that the right varieties were matched to the most suitable sites with regards to soils, rootstocks and topography.  All the establishing work was completed by the Omodei family including nursery propagation, ground preparation, trellising and irrigation installation. 

Olde Eastbrook provides high quality which is used for their own premium wine and sourced annually by Castelli Wines and Capel Vale Wines.

Olde Eastbrook enjoys a unique position in Pemberton, bounded by the pristine Diamond State Forest bursting with Karri, Marri, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Banksia trees. The immaculate vineyard, with its striking scenery, has become a feature of the magnificent Pemberton Wine Region.

Justin Omodei has managed the property since 1998.